Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your family! Outfits can be stressful to choose – I panic any time I need to pick outfits for my own family photos. Don’t panic though because I’m here to help you get the perfect outfits picked!


I always recommend you pick mom’s outfit out first and coordinate the rest of the family’s outfits around mom’s. For example: If mom’s outfit is a mauve, cream and grey floral dress, dad would look great in a grey shirt, one child could wear a mauve shirt/dress and another could wear a cream shirt/dress. If mom’s outfit is solid colored, you could add a pattern for one of the children or dad (including the same color mom is wearing) and tie in the rest of the family from that outfit.

Coordinate colors, but don’t wear matching patterns for the whole family. A great example for holiday photos would be red, navy and white. For fall family photos, mustard, burgundy and navy! Choose which colors YOU love and what makes you the most comfortable!


You will be moving around a lot, sitting and standing plus some playing with your kids during your session so it’s always best to wear something you’re comfortable doing just that in!

It’s best to avoid an all dark or all light color scheme. Try to break that up by having dad wear dark jeans and a lighter top and a child wear a dark top and lighter jeans/pants.

Keep in mind the weather for the day of your session:

It’s best to make sure kids are in warm outfits for their session when it’s cold and I even recommend keeping them in jackets in between shots if it’s really cold so they are more content and happy when we are photographing! More layers are better and cardigans or sweaters are perfect for that and with dresses, tights are recommended underneath in the cold weather. When it’s hot, dresses and short sleeves are perfect. Try to avoid overlaying in the hot weather – for yourself and your kids!

Let me know if you have any questions or need any outfit help/suggestions and let’s have a great session!