First of all, congratulations! This is such an exciting time in your life whether this is your first baby or your third! I do provide gowns for all of my maternity clients so whether you’re wearing your own gown/outfit or one of mine, this hopefully will give you some tips for your session.


I highly recommend investing in a good strapless bra if you don’t have one. If you’re unable to get one prior to your session, no worries, we make it work and we can always tuck straps in! Try to avoid bras that don’t have cups such as sports bras or bandeaus – these don’t work with some of the dresses.

My clients always laugh at me for saying this, but I actually do not recommend wearing underwear the day of your session if you’re wearing a gown. You will avoid the underwear lines and you’ll have a more seamless look especially with the more form fitting gowns.

Most of my gowns are nice and stretchy and can be pulled right over your head – you WILL be comfortable the day of your session in one (or more) of my gowns because the material is amazing. Be prepared, most of the gowns are long especially if the dress has a long train.


When you arrive, if you’re wearing one of my gowns, you’ll change into the first gown. Typically most of my locations don’t have changing areas so clients change in their cars. The gowns are super stretchy and can be pulled right over your head. We typically take some photos in the first gown and change into the 2nd and then 3rd if you’ve chosen 2-3 gowns. Please understand if you’ve chosen 3 gowns, I’ll be watching the time to make sure you’re able to get into all 3 gowns in the hour.

I get a lot of worry about posing/how to pose: I pose you completely so no worries if you’re not sure what to do – I’ll be a guide for you!


This completely depends on how “dressy” you would like your photos to be. All of the gowns can be dressed up or down so this is dependent on your style and what you picture for your own photos.

Jeans or khakis are great for casual photos. I recommend wearing a polo or button up top with these and try to coordinate with what color gowns you’ve chosen. Bring 1-2 colored shirts so as you change gowns, dad can change too. Or even better, have him wear a neutral shirt that will match with all of the gowns you’ve chosen.

For more dressy photos, I’ve had dads arrive in dress clothes or even a suit. I’m sure this will not be for everyone, but it’s an option if you are looking for more dressy style photos!


For Children – Kids look great in anything, let’s be honest! I recommend a coordinating color or pattern for your kids that matches your gowns! Try not to mix patterns or match patterns if you have multiple children. Keep in mind the weather and have them dress appropriately to keep them content during the session – overheated or shivering kids don’t love getting their photos taken!

When it’s cold, more layers are better and cardigans or sweaters are perfect for that and with dresses, tights are recommended underneath in the cold weather. When it’s hot, dresses and short sleeves are perfect. Try to avoid overlaying in the hot weather.