What Should I Look For In A Photographer?

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to get this blog post out because boy, is it important to choose the right photographer for YOU and your family. So…what are some things you should look for while choosing a photographer?


First and foremost, your photographer should be a legal business – registered, insured and paying taxes – especially if you’re working with a wedding or newborn photographer. This ensures if anything unfortunate happens, YOU, as the client, are protected. I cannot stress this point enough – you want to work with a legal photographer.


Every single photographer has a different style! If you’re looking for someone that uses pastel colors in their photos then you shouldn’t go with a photographer that works with dark, moody colors. If you like lifestyle posing (not posed, organic, natural posing) then make sure to go with a photographer that focuses on lifestyle posing. Some photographers do both!


This is a huge one for me as a consumer – You need to be happy with your photos. Most of the time, paying less equals lower quality. This also could mean that the photographer is not registered and insured – going back to our legality standpoint. However, I’ve seen some amazing photographers that charge a totally reasonable price (what I strive to do). You need to determine what you feel to be the quality of photos you’re looking for and go from there.


Determining your price point is necessary in choosing a photographer right for you. Some photographers are all inclusive (meaning you pay 1 price and receive either digital images or something tangible for what you pay) and some are what we call IPS (you pay a session fee, but will need to pay later for either prints, canvases, digital images or other items – nothing is included in your session fee except the photographer’s time and talent). Either way is great – it just depends what you’re looking for in your photographer.

Reviews and Recommendations

The best way to learn about the experience with a photographer is to go on their Facebook page or Google search them to see what past clients have said. People are usually honest so these reviews go a long way.

I hope this helps you choose a photographer – whether it be me or someone else. Memories are priceless and you want to make sure yours are captured in the way you want them to be.

Good luck and feel free to reach out if you are interested in working with me!

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